We host multiple training courses for a wide variety of individuals and business sectors. We operate non profit and Commercial enterprises to benefit individuals from all walks of life.

Why choose Destiny?

Destiny Partnership was created to make a difference and help. By engaging us for services, you are also helping us continue all the work we do. As well as helping us at Destiny Partnership , with our 1% deal, you can also help the wider community. Each year, we will donate 1% of profit earned from each client, to a community group or local Non profit of the clients choice.


By engaging Destiny Partnership, you are directly helping us continue the work we do through all our enterprises. The training for the children, expectant parents, the WEEE Recycling that helps the environment to providing first aiders for events, and in partnership with Vanguard Prime, Security staffing solutions.’ The training courses we deliver helps individuals develop, increases work safety and workers welfare, helps businesses to reduce costs.

Developing Skills

Your support by engaging our services directly help us to train more volunteers, allow them to develop and gain the skills and confidence that they can then use to find their destiny.

What are the benefits?

As well as helping us at Destiny Partnership in all our ‘more than profit’ enterprises and goals, the wider community with our 1% deal, by engaging our services, you will also benefit from the the lowest prices in the country for training thanks to our price match guarantee, which we offer at all times , for all courses.

Price Match

Our price match guarantee is easy. We will match other training providers price for the same type of course, if we offer it, or try to improve on it. This guarantee is always available.

5x5 Deal

We also have our unique 5x5 deal. For anyone or any business requiring training for 5 to 10 individuals, we will offer you our 5x5 deal. You purchase 5 training registrations, you get 5 completely free!