“Destiny is a more than profit social enterprise working hard towards becoming a registered awarding body for qualifications. . Our aim is to provide those from the coming generations who cant find their way, skills and qualifications that will enable them to find their path in life and work towards their destiny.Life is a funny thing. Sometimes you have everything planned, then the next day, everything changes. Each experience we encounter, ultimately makes us all decide on what direction to take.Through our network of different enterprises, we will provide a platform for individuals to succeed. Destiny partnership has been created to be there for those who need us to be. “

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It could be as easy as sharing content online, from our website or various social media sites, engaging us for training services, joining in or arranging fundraising events, or requesting a coin box for your workplaceAs a supporter of Destiny Partnership, you will have your business logo added to our site, and linked back to your own website or chosen social media page. This is free, however, donations are always welcome.  As well as this, Destiny will also share your online content, allowing more reach for people everywhere to view your content.To become a partner of Destiny, just like Cares Unity or Vanguard Prime, then please get in touch to discuss. This would involve donations, joint events and more. Please feel free to donate to us via paypal giving. All donations greatly appreciated.